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Our Shofars Made with Love
לחץ כאן
לורם איפסום דולור סיט אמט, קונסקטורר אדיפיסינג אלית סילט אגמטן.
לחץ כאן
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לורם איפסום דולור סיט אמט, קונסקטורר אדיפיסינג אלית סילט אגמטן.
לחץ כאן
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"And it shall come to pass in that day, that a great horn shall be blown... and they shall worship the LORD in the holy mountain at Jerusalem"

(Isaiah Chapter 27)

We are all in suspense as the day of Rosh Hashanah  unfolds. The Shofar blower removes the Shofar from its plush case, and the rest of the crowd holds in trepidation. We are only moments away from the opportunity we cherish. Finally the sound wraps the room, and our pure prayers rise. This victorious moment was prepared by fine craftsmanship, and a tradition meticulously performed.
In todays reality, with massive and instant production in place, tradition is inevitably being compromised. The market has been flooded by counterfeit Shofars, which not only compromise tradition, but product quality as well. Reliable sound, a proper polish, and other essential components. replaced by look alike Shofars made in China and the sort. There is no substitute to a trained craftsman patiently detailing Shofars. Professionalism without regard to production lines, and a testing process to
ensure customer satisfaction, are the most notable points “Jerusalem Shofars” has been bringing to the arena.
The process begins in the wild plains of Africa, as our professional staff select Shofars worthy of our
standard from amongst thousands. This already creates a tangible advantage. We look for clean raw
horns without scratches, surly a proper build and shape are also essential. Eventually the selected Shofars find their way to Jerusalem. After a long process of selection and craftsmanship the Shofars are sealed.
This Jewish tradition is preserved in-order to ensure the highest quality. Be a Synagogue Shofar blower,
or a Judaica enthusiast, you can find long-lasting Shofar with us. We are proud of our broad range of clients. Amongst them are Religious users who require the higher standard in terms of the Kosher certification. Our products are available at a range of retailers across the globe, as well as many
respected internet platforms. We are ready to serve you wherever you are. Our factory is located in Jerusalem, in our state of the art facility thousands of Shofars are manufactured annually. And so we are glad to serve you, from the bottom of our heart…