Natural Ram Shofar

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Shofar Eyal –
The most common traditional shofar among Israeli communities is to exhaust the blowing of the shofar. Manufactured with us to the highest quality standard, while maintaining a patient and meticulous approach to each mouthpiece. The vast quantities marketed in the market of trumpets of Eyal unfortunately indicate a superficial and industrial culture that has taken root in their construction. We make every effort so that the shofar, the utensil of the precious mitzvah, will be built with care, with extreme care for all the details of halakhah, by an artist. Under the supervision of the best strictly kosher kosher, and appears in a variety of sizes and degrees of polishing, along with decorations and designs of your choice.

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15-24 cm, 25-29 cm, 30-34 cm, 35-39 cm, 40-44 cm, 45-49 cm, 50-54 cm, 55-59 cm, 60-64 cm, 65-69 cm, 70-74 cm


-, Badatz of the Haeda Haredith, Rabbi Mahfud